Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Pope Benedict XVI

On this day in 2005, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected as the 264th successor to St. Peter as Bishop of Rome. It was a vindication of the ministry of John Paul the Great and a triumph for orthodoxy and truth within the Roman Catholic Church and for all Christians worldwide. How wonderful it is to have the one man who speaks for Christianity, to the extent that anyone can, be a man who proclaims without fear or hesitation that Jesus has been raised from the dead. "The resurrection is not a theory," his Easter homily proclaimed, "but a historical reality." A few days ago, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his 82nd birthday. May he live to be 100!

The aging, baby-boomer, hippies turned capitalist sell-outs, who still cling to the delusions of Woodstock, and who constitute the loony left of the Roman Catholic Church, are still waiting for the pope to die and some creed-denying, left-wing, pro-abortion, homosexualism-promoting, advocate of the Millennium Developmment Goals to be made pope through the machinations of the shrinking battalions of Western liberals. They imagined that some such thing was going to happen when John Paul the Great went on to the house of his father. But they got instead a man with the same theology, the same heart, the same spirituality, and the same morality as both St. Peter and John Paul the Great. And this pope is smarter and more learned than any living liberal theologian by a country mile to boot. How sweet it is!

The sexually-licentious, pantheistic, politically-correct, nature worshippers who like to pose as Catholics are no doubt in mourning today, which makes it a great day for everyone else! One week after the Resurrection we celebrate the on-going presence of the living Lord in the world today. Alleluia! Christ is risen! Alleluia! And we can celebrate that the most famous Christian in the world is a believer in the risen Christ. Alleluia! Christ is risen! Alleluia!