Monday, April 27, 2009

Fundraising Dinners for Rev. Stephen Boission Legal Defence Fund

On Apr. 30, May 1 and May 2 legal defence fund-raising dinners will be held in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton for the Rev. Stephen Boission, the pastor who is being persecuted for his faith by the Alberta Human Rights Commission (with the help of the supposedly Conservative Alberta government).

Here is a handy summary of what happened to him for sending a letter to his local newspaper criticizing the introduction of pro-homosexual propoganda into the public school system. Ezra Levant will be the speaker at all three dinners. For more information, including how to donate to the cause, go here.

Ezra Levant explains the nature of the ruling here. Rather than me trying to outline what happened to him, please read Ezra's wonderful rant. It has all kinds of links and his style is inimitable. This blog post is from last year, before Mark Steyn and MacLean's had their hearing. But the fight for free speech in Canada goes on.

If you are one of my American readers, you may not believe what you are going to read, but you need to understand that this is your future. This is what the battle to normalize homosexual behaviour and make it equivalent to marriage is all about. Homosexuality is already tolerated and has been for some time. Tolerance is so '90's. The point is not tolerance - either for homosexuality or for Christians who oppose it. The goal is a secular police state in which heretical/dissenting opinions cannot even be voiced.

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