Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Just In: Benedict XVI Somehow Finds the Strength to Go On after Blair's Criticism

Incredibly, Pope Benedict XVI has managed to pull himself together and go on with his pontificate despite the devastation of Tony Blair criticizing him. One can only admire his pluck. Imagine having the greatest unemployed ex-politican in London thinking that you are wrong just because you teach what the saints and doctors of 20 centuries have all unanimously taught, not to mention the Bible. It must keep him up at night wondering what is the right thing to do.

The problem with Tony Blair is that he can't resist telling whomever he is talking to at the moment that he agrees with them. This, presumeably, is why he recently told a homosexual magazine that the pope is wrong on homosexuality. Mr. Blair has been a Catholic for nearly two years, so naturally he feels eminently qualified to instruct the pope in moral theology. The very fact that he apparently believes that a pope could just wake up one morning and think: "Today I think I'll make homosexuality A-ok and hunky dory, just for the heck of it," suggests that Blair lives in a quite possibly drug-induced dream world much of the time.

Benedict XVI has taken a lot of criticism for his media relations department not being internet savvy enough lately. In fairness, it probably should be pointed out that a fair bit of what appears on the internet - OK, 99% of it then! - is not worth bothering about. Certainly the Holy Father has better things to do that to let himself worry about what a washed-up, socialist, trimmer like "The Lap Dog of the White House" thinks.

I would have though that George Bush's "Yes-Man" would be too busy living down his decision to start an unjust war in Iraq under false pretenses, to be giving instruction in moral theology to the Pope, who, by the way, opposed said war. The really puzzling thing is how in the world did he get admitted to the Roman Catholic Church without repenting of his public sins in the first place? If must be easier to get into in Britain than in most places.

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