Saturday, February 20, 2010

They Said Conservatism Was Dead, So What Happened?

Nile Gardner in the Daily telegraph writes in an article "Conservatism is the Future of America" about what a difference a year makes.
"What a difference a year makes. A year ago, the liberal media in America (i.e. about 90% of the print press) had written off conservatism as dead and buried. An avowedly left-wing president worshipped with almost messianic zeal across much of the world, from Paris to Nairobi, had swept into the White House, bolstered by a Democrat-dominated Congress in both the House and the Senate. The Right appeared broken, divided, and disillusioned, rudderless and leaderless, supposedly the political equivalent of the remnants of Custer’s Last Stand.

One year on, it is the Left that is imploding, weakend by faction-fighting, struggling to keep momentum, and increasingly lacking in self-confidence, led by the least popular American president of the modern era at such an early stage of the presidency. Liberals have been stunningly humbled by three catastrophic defeats in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, political earthquakes that have transformed the electoral landscape ahead of the November 2010 mid-terms. And worse was to come. Just this week, the White House was stunned by a CNN poll that showed that 52 percent of Americans believe Barack Obama should not be reelected in 2012, a powerful vote of no confidence in a president who’s big government agenda has been overwhelmingly rejected."

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Barack Obama is now going around whining about the lack of bipartisanship in Washington and blaming Republicans for thwarting his plans to remake America into a European style social democracy. But he had 60 votes in the Senate and a 40 vote majority in the House and he still could not get more than half of his agenda through. The fact that he has to come to grips with (though he shows not signs of doing so) is that his agenda has been stymied by members of his own party.

In other words, it is conservative Democrats, who represent conservative constituencies and who have to be moderate in order to have any chance whatsoever of re-election, who have saved America from Obama's statist ambitions. They did this when the Republicans simply did not have the numbers to do it.

The rest of the world would do well to ponder this reality of American politics. There are simply not enough liberal congressional districts or states in which to elect a liberal majority of lawmakers - regardless of the party label. America is a predominantly conservative country. Let that sink in. It is the liberal media, liberal academia and the liberal elite of America that is in tune with Europe but out of touch with the majority of Americans.

America now stands alone as the only Western nation left which has not repudiated its history, its religion, its traditions and its principles. Those political leaders who believed that America's destiny is to follow Europe into the culture of death and then into a slow but accelerating cultural decline are now faced with becoming yesterday's news. They are losing their grip and soon will lose office.

Oh, the whining and the screaming will be terrible. I suggest that you might want to prepare yourself for the mother of all 60's rebellions. Why, they might occupy an office or two just to bring back memories of the "good old days." Maybe the homosexuals will have a "kiss-in" in front of Liberty University. Or perhaps they will have a march on Washington DC and leave a lot of garbage behind. But in the end, conservatives have nothing to fear from liberals whose bark is worse than their bite because their entire worldview is centered on being comfortable and cool. They may make a lot of noise but they are too preoccupied with free sex, consumerism and organizing children's choirs to sing praises to Obama to actually to make any sacrifices for their cause.

Just as European elites are destined to come under the hard yoke of Islam, so American liberals are destined to live under conservative rule. The American liberals, however, will have by far the easier lot, which means, of course, that their wailing and complaining will be proportionately louder. For American conservatives will respect their rights to free speech and their deviant lifestyles, while European liberals will find themselves facing the tender mercies of Sharia Law. Like the French Revolutionaries who themselves ended up on the guillotine, they will find themselves regretting their anti-Christian and anti-Western activities before the end. But their American liberal cousins will just whine until they die.

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