Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ignatieff Won't Shut Up About Abortion: Digs Himself in Deeper

Michael Ignatieff repeated his incendiary remarks about abortion yesterday and made is abundantly clear that he is trying to use this as a wedge issue to shore up his left wing and demonize the Conservatives among radical left-wingers. From yesterday's The National Post:
"On Tuesday, Mr. Ignatieff said his support of Stephen Harper’s plan to focus G8 efforts on helping women and children would depend on whether access to abortion would be included in the Prime Minister’s plan. He said he was setting out “a marker” for Mr. Harper, and reiterated those thoughts on Friday."
Two Roman Catholic bishops called him on his partisan use of abortion and his callous disregard for human life:
"The two bishops doubted the Liberal line would benefit women’s health abroad.

Archbishop Collins said it is obvious that Mr. Ignatieff’s “negative proposal ... in no way serves to improve the health of mothers or children, but rather imperils the most vulnerable among us.”

Said Bishop Henry: “The Prime Minister has been talking from the beginning of helping women and children. And all of a sudden we find Ignatieff focusing on the first part and totally ignoring the second. What exists within the mother’s womb is a child. An intelligent man like Ignatieff should not be blinded by his ideology.”"

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