Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ignatieff, Eugenics and Racism

Here is another great column by David Warren in the Ottawa Citizen on the Michael Ignatieff abortion fiasco. Warren points out that Ignatieff confuses killing unwanted children with maternal health, even though they have nothing to do with each other. "Health" here is just a euphemism that functions as smoke to hide the eugenic agenda. Here is the end of his column:
"I wrote on the weekend about Michael Ignatieff's demand that Stephen Harper include abortion and contraception "services" in his G8 scheme to improve maternal and child healthcare in the poorest countries. My immediate purpose was to remind readers of the huge and vicious lie upon which the Liberal leader is trading. For we do not improve the health of a baby by killing it.

The proposition may be evil and absurd; yet according to several media sources, there is evidence it is popular -- especially among woman voters who had been trending towards Harper's more socially and fiscally conservative policies. I know several examples of "swing voters" in this class, and can more or less follow the thinking. I'm afraid it is not flattering to them.

Note the genius of Ignatieff's appeal: not for more contraception and abortion here, where we have surely had enough, but rather in "the poorest countries" -- which we think have long been producing "too many babies." And, too many babies who could be clamouring to come here one day. Harper's policy might increase the load; Ignatieff's might reduce it.

Even within North America, abortion appeals to some because it does, in fact, disproportionately reduce the offspring of certain racial minorities. The eugenic argument for it was actually the first to be made, back in the days when it was still acceptable to speak about the fertility of the "lower orders" and the "inferior races."

This argument is still very much alive, though today dressed up in feminist jargon. "Population control," through the United Nations or otherwise, has always consisted of "breeding instructions for the blacks, browns, and yellows." And this is precisely what Ignatieff is selling, to the sort of people who want to buy it."

Think of this the next time you hear leftists trying to pin the "racist" label on conservatives and remember that they are just trying to deflect attention from their own racist and eugenicist policies. He is right on in noting that eugenics today is dressed up in feminist jargon - to the shame of feminists everywhere.

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Peter Dunn said...

I commend to you the episodes of Stargate SG1 2010 and its sequel 2001. The SG1 team meets an advance alien race called the Ashen, who promise to give to earth advance technology to protect them from their enemies the Goa'uld, to provide long life, and to end their problem of over population. SG1 later learn 9 years later however that Ashen's purpose was actually to wipe out the entire population of earth and to take over its resources.

The following is a video clip of the two episodes (not in order of their appearance on Stargate SG1). I could lend you the DVDs if you are interested.

It would appear that Ignatief is playing the role of the Ashen in world politics, in his attempt to limit the populations of undesirable people around the world.