Monday, February 1, 2010

Andrea Utters a Harsh Word

Andrea Mrozek at ProwomanProlife is usually mild-mannered and polite. She has to be in order to win a hearing for the conservative cause in the world of media and government. But this morning she must have taken her grumpy pills twice by mistake. Or maybe she is just fed up with the hypocrisy of radical feminism:
"Wow, the blogosphere and mainstream media is dialing up the hoopla about this Tim Tebow ad that as of yet, no one has seen. There are already spoofs of an ad that no one has seen. Talk about getting bang for your advertising buck.

Anyways, “women’s groups” say the unseen ad is divisive and Super Bowl Sunday is all about bringing people together. I hear they’ve lobbied the NFL to get the teams to agree to play touch football, so that no one gets hurt. And when the game is over, everyone will get a ParticipACTION ribbon and go home smiling. It’s gonna be magic.

Now these women’s groups–now they would certainly never, ever stoop to politicize a sporting event. Oh no. They certainly never would have started a rumour that Super Bowl Sunday is the day with the most domestic violence in a year.

Pro-choice feminists: Pro-choice until such time as someone actually dares to promote a choice they disagree with."

Whatever is going on with Andrea, I hope it continues. I especially liked the point about the domestic abuse rumour; that is just like radical feminism - always trying to bring people together. So morally superior they are to those nasty pro-lifers who applaud a mother who sacrifices for her child and chooses life over death. It reminds me of the embarrassment of the students who had to listen to the Director speak openly about something as disgusting as motherhood in Brave New World. It is kind of interesting, is it not, how you can get called names and put down today just for believing in motherhood and valuing life over death?

Well done, Andrea. Terrific post!

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