Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Michael Ignatieff Comes Out as Pro-Abortion

So Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, has decided to use abortion as a political football in order to try to paint Stephen Harper's Conservatives as "right-wing." What Michael Ignatieff does not seem to grasp is that most Canadians do not think opposing abortion as a means of contraception is not even an ideological position at all, let alone a "right-wing" one. The Globe and Mail reports:
"If Stephen Harper wants to champion the health of the world's poor mothers, he'll have to go to bat for abortion, too, Michael Ignatieff says.

The Prime Minister has signalled that he plans to make maternal health in the developing world Canada's cause when he is host of the G8 summit in June.

Mr. Ignatieff said any efforts to reduce high death rates among mothers will have to include broader access to contraception. He also raised a fear that the Conservatives, like their counterparts in the United States, would shy away from funding family-planning agencies that support abortion rights.

“If we're going to improve maternal health and child health around the world, women need access to the full gamut of reproductive health services,” the Liberal leader told reporters Tuesday."

Ignatieff is now on record as the radical, no-limits, pro-abortionist. He thinks the best way to deal with poor people in the Third World is to encourage them to kill their unborn children. No people; no poverty. Brilliant! Except for the evil part, and the racist part, and the anti-life part. Kill some to save others. Get out the lifeboats but we only need enough for two thirds of the people - we can abort the rest. All this in the name of compassion!

Who needs boring stuff like wells for clean drinking water, improved agricultural methods, micro-enterprise loans. Just send them some pills and some forceps. Let them abort their babies and maybe they will stop breeding.

Politicians like Ignatieff need to be shamed for their ideology of death. Christians and others who value human life at all its stages need to let him know that scoring cheap political points by promoting abortion for the Third World won't work. It is just another reason to vote Conservative.

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