Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update on the Battle Over Kevin Jennings and Public Education

Sorry for the light blogging lately; I just turned in my grades for the semester today at noon and the four week marking marathon is finally over.

Here is an update to my previous post on the Kevin Jennings issue. First, here is the ExpelJennings.org website, set up by the American Principles Project, a new conservative advocacy organization recently founded by Robert P. George. When you visit the "Expel Jenning" site, be sure to click the video at the right for a short introduction to the issue by Robert George himself. It is under two minutes and well worth viewing.

If you think that all this American politics stuff does not affect you as a Canadian, you would do well to rethink that position. I heard from a mother in our church the other day that her son came home from Sr. Kindergarten and said to her: "Did you know that two men can get married sometimes?" The "Queering of Elementary School" is well underway and it is way past time for some push back from parents. For an excellent description of the philosophy of sex education in vogue today among educators and curriculum designers, see You're Teaching My Child What? by the orthodox Jewish psychiatrist Miriam Grossman.

You may be interested in finding out more about Robert George. Here is a flattering profile of him from the New York Times entitled "The Conservative-Christian Big Thinker." George, who is a Catholic professor of legal philosophy at Princeton University, is quickly becoming the main public intellectual voice of the American, conservative, Catholic movement - the successor to Richard Neuhaus. Despite the fact that this is the New York Times, the article is surprisingly fair and balanced.

I highly recommend Robert George, his books and his political project. He is one of the brightest stars in the conservative sky at the moment and a man genuinely liked even by his liberal opponents. Any conservative who can co-teach a course with Cornel West, while being at the same time a trusted adviser to President George Bush, certainly does not fit any of the available stereotypes. If you dislike the populism of Sarah Palin, he is just about as opposite as you can get in style and demeanor. Yet, he is a principled and sincere conservative and a man of deep faith.

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