Monday, December 14, 2009

Diane Francis Proves Me Right - Unfortunately

In a previous post on Diane Francis' opinion piece in the National Post advocating China's coercive one-child policy for the whole planet, I said that I thought she was serious and that Andrea Mrozek, over at ProWomanProlife, was wrong in thinking that the whole thing was a spoof because she did not think Diane Francis is an idiot. I stuck with the idiot theory.

Well, Andrea admits now that she was wrong and her willingness to think the best of Francis against the evidence was unfortunately misplaced. (Sometimes people prove to be unworthy of the benefit of the doubt.) Andrea points us to this interview of Diane Francis with Laura Ingraham on Fox News in which Francis demonstrates her anti-Catholic views, her simplistic analysis of global poverty (too many people having children they can't afford) and her openness to government population control. But not to worry, she is favor of a non-coercive, coercive policy - whatever that is.

She wants her totalitarian, population control policies discussed at Copenhagen so that AGW can be the justification for them. Isn't AGW fun? You can use if to justify any wacko thing you want.

I've never seen a Laura Ingraham interview before - not having cable TV and not having ever watched Fox news - but I really liked the way she went after this dangerous ideologue and de-normalized her racist, anti-women, anti-freedom views. I especially liked the way she asked "How can you call yourself a feminist when you think the government should be able to tell women whether or not they can have a child?" This is the kind of question the third wave feminists need to be asked more often.

The whole interview has the feeling of a big old rock being turned over and some slimey thing crawling out from underneath and trying to get out of the sunlight.


Andrea said...

I wish I had been right in thinking the best of her, but really, it has been a long time since I read/followed Diane Francis, and somewhere on the road she went off the rails. By the way, if you read her bio, she had two kids very young and stayed home with them, going on to take on some hefty and important roles at various newspapers. She's hostile to social conservatism, but if you ask me, barring her crazy views, she could be the poster child!

BTW--you can get Laura INgraham on podcast, which is what I have done since I don't have cable either.
Cheers and merry Christmas,
Andrea Mrozek

Peter Dunn said...

Diane Francis has been a discredit to the National Post. It is disgusting to have printed something so offensive to freedom and so completely wrong-headed. China's one-child policy is a disaster just waiting to happen.

I wrote about how one-child discriminates against the poor here: