Friday, December 11, 2009

Is the Tide Turning on Same-Sex "Marriage?"

We learn today that the vote on legalizing same-sex "marriage" in the New Jersey state senate has been canceled because nine Democrats were planning to vote against it, which would have doomed the bill. A bill to legalize same-sex "marriage" in New York recently was defeated and Maine voted solidly against it in a referendum held in early November. This all follows up on the success of Proposition 8 in California. A recent story by Peter J. Smith in Catholic On-line sums up the situation:
"Thirty-two states in the United States have rejected same-sex "marriage" with 30 states banning the practice through constitutional amendment. In three states, same-sex "marriage" was legislated through judicial fiat, and in only two states - Vermont and New Hampshire - is same-sex "marriage" legal through legislative action."
The figure of 32 does not count New Jersey. In 32 democratic votes so far, same-sex "marriage" has lost every time. It has only been implemented in situations where no election was held on the issue. The will of the people is clear, even after so much propaganda and heavily-funded campaigns by powerful forces including government bureaucracies, the teachers unions, unions in general, major corporations, billionares like George Soros, the Democratic Party as a whole and Hollywood. The sexual revolution has rolled on for six decades but it may have finally run into a wall.

So, apart from top-down judicial activism, it appears that same-sex "marriage" has little future in the US. Much is often made of the idea that younger voters generally favor it, but that is true of many liberal issues and when those younger voters get older and wiser they often become more conservative.

So has the tide turned? The tide of same-sex "marriage" has been sweeping the Western world and had engulfed Europe and Canada. But it may have now crested with the US (which after all constitutes the majority of the West in terms of population and power) refusing to embrace it. If this trend continues and the rejection of same-sex "marriage" is a gain which gets consolidated then we might begin to see traditional marriage strengthened instead of weakened by government policy and social attitudes.

We might actually see more children raised by their biological parents and more couples seek counseling instead of divorce. We might see a reversal of the disaster known as "no fault divorce" and government tax policies that favor married couples with children and do not penalize stay-at-home mothers. We might see curbs on public obscenity and the roll back of the pornography industry's exploitative methods. We might even see schools teaching the benefits of pre-marital abstinence instead of "safe-sex." Imagine a world in which children grew up knowing that the adult world favored traditional marriage and commitment over hedonism and self-gratification. It wouldn't be perfect, but it sure would be better than what we have got now.

If this happens in the US, the citizens of Canada, the UK, Australia and Europe are going to become jealous of the common sense and socially-beneficial policies of the US government and are going to start to put the heat on their own political masters and ruling elites to reverse this massive, dangerous, unprecedented social experiment known as the sexual revolution.

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