Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diane Francis Advocates China's Coercive One-Child Policy For the Whole World

The Financial Post today has an article that is so far out that it is almost a parody. Andrea Mrozek thinks it is a spoof because she says, from what she knows of Diane Francis, "she's not an idiot." Me, I'm sticking with the "she's an idiot" theory, although it would be a relief if Andrea turned out to be right.

Here is what Francis has to say:

J. Wesley Smith is all over this story:

"Can you believe it? China–an unmitigated tyranny–has become, among the hysterics like the NYT’s Thomas Friedman and this writer, the country with policies worth emulating! Not one word decrying the terrible human rights violations of imposed abortion, female infanticide, and China’s explicitly eugenics policies.

And yet, we are told the global warming agenda is so progressive, so humane. Anyone who doesn’t see the potential that global warming could become the pretext for destroying human freedom and imposing death culture policies just isn’t paying attention.

Update: Somebody is clearly pushing this meme, because promoting radical population control is also in today’s Telegraph, absent extolling China."

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