Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Seeker Sensitive Approach Taken to Its Logical Conclusion

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted this past year to "normalize" homosexual behaviour as good and lovely. Paul Speckhard, writing in The Lutheran Forum, has offered a modest proposal for the next step in creative, market research based, consumer focused outreach: Temple Prostitution.

Before you dismiss his suggestion out of hand, you might want to consider the possibility that in doing so you might be implicitly criticizing the way your church approaches "outreach." After all, if it can justly be said that homosexuality is "hot" today it remains the case that heterosexual coupling represents a much wider market and is what could be described as a "perennial favorite" form of recreation. So church marketers might want to consider Speckhard's proposal and think, not about the fact that he is wrong, but rather about why he is wrong.

The problem with satire, of course, is that it only works when it goes beyond the bounds of common sense. So liberals probably won't even find this funny. Nevertheless, I find it appropriate to tag it as "Humour."

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