Friday, December 11, 2009

A Miracle: the TTC Stops Short of Promoting Adultery!

According to the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Transit Commission has rejected ads from the sleazy, on-line company that tries to make money out of promoting and facilitating adultery (

The ads were to be plastered on the sides of buses reading: "Life is short. Have an affair."

This anti-social, money-grubbing, women-hating, home-wrecking, anti-children (but for some inexplicable reason still legal) "company" has recently had its ads pulled from the Super Bowl Game and a billboard in New York's Times Square was taken down after a hotelier threatened to burn it down otherwise. If the law won't stop such evil, a public outcry must be raised. If any organization deserved to be driven underground and universally condemned, it is this one.

One of the points to take away from this incident, however, is that the TTC could only do the right thing by being somewhat inconsistent with the working morality of contemporary, Western society. The limp rhetoric of "tolerance" is exposed as inadequate as the moral basis of a civilized society by the reaction of the company's CEO:
"But CEO Noel Biderman says the Toronto-based company, which boasts more than five million members on its site, is just trying to promote its brand.

“I think there's these notions out there that people think of infidelity as quote-unquote ‘wrong,' as quote-unquote ‘immoral,' ” he said. “In this day and age and, in this era, creating those morality judgments is not equivalent to a tolerant society.”

He thinks that if we don't tolerate lying, cheating, adulterous affairs promoted as "fun" by a bunch of immoral money-grubbers, then we are not tolerant. Well, the lesson here is the the Ten Commandments are a solid basis for a free and just society, but the liberal creed of "tolerance" is not.

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