Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is Worse than Legal Abortion? Coercive Abortion

Charles Colson's Breakpoint column "Where's the Choice in This?" deals with American funding of coercive abortion in China. This reality certainly strips the mask away and reveals that the "pro-choice" rhetoric is just that - empty rhetoric.

"Last year, a young Chinese woman—let’s call her Dan Li—ran afoul of the Chinese government. She had become “illegally pregnant.” By the time the authorities found out, Dan Li was seven months along. Family planning officials tied her to a bed, induced labor, and, when the baby was born, killed the baby.

What happened to Dan Li is an abomination—one, however, that tragically takes place regularly in China. But now, thanks to the U.S. Congress, you and I will be paying for it.
Last March, without fanfare, Congress passed a bill providing $50 million for the United Nations Population Fund. This organization promotes abortion around the globe—including in China. What makes the bill especially heinous is that it voided Kemp-Kasten, a bill which, for two decades, prevented our tax dollars from funding forced abortions and sterilization.
This blows the lid off the argument that abortion is all about giving a woman choice. If Congress really stands for choice, as they claim, why did they vote for coercion? If feminists are really for choice, why aren’t they fighting this law? Why isn’t our pro-choice President demanding that this brutalization of women be stopped?"


The only answer is that feminists and other pro-choice people are not really pro-choice. They are pro-abortion because they see abortion as the best solution to certain social problems. The same people eventally will view infanticide and euthanaia as solutions. This is a fundamental characteristic of the culture of death: viewing the killing of the innocent as an acceptable solution to social problems.

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