Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ezra Levant Interviewed on TV Ontario

Here is a link to Ezra Levant's blog where he has embedded an interview he did yesterday with TV Ontario on how human rights commissions are undermining human rights. It is 18 minutes long and is an excellent interview with hard-hitting, aggressive questions by Steve Paikin and eloquent and reasonable answers by Levant.

The funniest moment comes about 5 minutes in or so when Steve Paikin poses a hypothetical question to Ezra saying something to the effect of: "Just suppose you yourself were a member of an identifiable minority and you were the victim of hateful . . ." and Ezra Levant objects "But I am a member of an identifiable minority" and seeing the blank expression on Paikin's face he says "I'm Jewish!" The look on Steve Paikin's face at that point is priceless!

Paikin asks good questions and Levant gives great answers. If you are doubtful about the validity of Levant's crusade, you will find this interview hard to brush aside. (Incidentally, I can't believe something with this much substance actually was on TV. I guess things inevitably slip throught once in a while.)

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