Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pathetic Bill Maher Piles On in a Desperate Bid for Attention

Bill Maher couldn't let David Letterman have all the spotlight so he had to attack the Palin family too. I've never watched his show because I don't watch TV but reports are that his lechery is just as bad and his language worse. Do they really let this stuff on TV these days? Boy, it is really getting stupid out there.

The issue is not how evil Letterman and Maher are. (That is obvious.) And the issue is not whether their right to free speech should be tolerated. (It should.) The issue is what kind of a society finds them entertaining and rewards their anti-women antics with megabucks and fame? Folks, it is about what is wrong with us.

Some people thought that I was trying to start a debate about whether or not Sarah Palin is a good politician or a good candidate for the GOP in 2012. That has nothing to do with my point; in fact, it is a distraction from it. She could be the worst politician in the world and wrong on every public policy issue, but the ferocity and crudity of the liberal and mainstream media attack on her places the spotlight right on the media, not on her. I'm not interested in debating Sarah Palin's electability, though that will be an interesting story to watch unfold over the next few years. I'm concerned about three things:

1. Liberal hypocrisy for simultaneously claiming to be pro-women while wallowing in hatred of women to sell itself.

2. Blatant liberal bias in the media and how it is harming democracy by destroying the credibility of the press with the population.

3. The liberal hatred of Christian ethics and lifestyle (eg. resisiting the abortion temptation, embracing the handicapped child, speaking openly of faith)


Peter Dunn said...

Maher's program is on cable (HBO) not on the public airwaves.

Craig Carter said...

I guess that reminds me again of why we have never bothered with cable.