Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man Tells Woman to Shut Up and Be Liberated!

The CBC is reporting that the Liberal leader of Alberta, Mr. David Swann, is badly bent out of shape by an opinion expressed by an Alberta cabinet minister that is not politically correct. He gets downright cranky about putting "that woman" in her place:

"Alberta's Liberal leader is demanding an apology from Finance Minister Iris Evans, who suggested that in order to raise children "properly" one parent should stay at home while the other goes to work.

"If she really said these things, she must apologize. If she doesn't apologize, the premier must fire her," David Swann said in a statement Wednesday. "These are truly outrageous claims. I have never been as stunned by the sheer arrogance and ignorance of the Tories as I am today."

So David Swann, a man please note, is outraged by the idea that Iris Evans, a women please note, is giving a voice to the largely voiceless and marginalized women who are rebelling and refusing meekly to accept their assigned role of earning money by working outside the home in addition to homemaking and raising children and are tired of being discriminated against by the tax system, by the way.

Isn't it fascinating that the liberation of women entails a man saying "must" so much? What an interesting concept of "liberation." How are women supposed to be liberated if the women won't just shut up? He won't put up with expressions of dissent. There is no room for free speech when the opinions are not judged politically correct by the noisy, bossy feminists Mr. Swann obviously trembles in fear of offending and whose mouthpiece he is.

The idea that this is an issue that requires debate, that better solutions might arise from a vigourous exchange of opposing points of view, is foreign to Mr. Swann's universe. The concept that the debate might actually be about what is best for children has obviously never entered his mind.

This is heresy! This is an assult on a item of high orthodoxy that cannot be questioned lest the foundations of modern society tremble. This must be stamped out by force!

Oh please. Get a grip. If she is so obviously wrong it should not be hard to show how she is wrong with a few well reasoned arguments. Or can't you think of any, Mr. Swann? Is that why all you can do is call for her to be fired?

OK, two can play the bluster game. I demand the David Swann be fired immediately as leader of the Alberta Liberal Party. I have never been so outraged etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Q. Now where does that get us? A. Nowhere.

Mr. Swann, all you have managed to do is to convince us of three things:

1) that you think that you know what is best for women better than women do
2) that you don't like actual debate about serious issues
3) that you are against free speech

None of these would induce a reasonable person to want to vote for you. And your "on behalf of women" stance is as phoney as a three dollar bill.

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