Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Contraception; More Abortion

We are endlessly told that the only effective type of sex education is to instruct teens on how to use contraception and then make it readily available to them. Abstinence education is no good because it "'doesn't work." Yet, parental common sense has always known that programs that seek to inform teens about contraception are basically sending the message that we expect you to be sexually active before marriage. And, with this encouragement, teens engage in more sex that they would have otherwise. And, since contraception requires adult maturity to use properly and since it only works in a percentage of cases, the more sex they have the more conceptions there are. So sex ed. that is nothing but contraception ed. increases teen pregnancy.

The British Labour Party under Blair and Brown has pushed the contraception agenda relentlessly during the past 14 years and this story in the Daily Mail tells the all-too predictable results. [my bolding]
"Most pregnancies among girls under 18 ended in abortion last year. Out of around 40,000 pregnancies more than 20,000 were terminated - the first time more had chosen this option than become mothers.

The figure is higher than 2007, when it just hit 50 per cent, and consistent with a steady upwards trend since the Government started its controversial Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in 1999.

Figures out on May 21 will also show that for the first time the number of abortions performed on women living in England and Wales topped 200,000.

The teenage pregnancy strategy, which has cost taxpayers more than £300 million, was meant to halve the number of conceptions among girls under 18 in England between 1998 and 2010.

Ministers have tried to slash teenage pregnancies by freely handing out contraceptives and expanding sex education.

But the fall in pregnancy rates has not met Government targets, and in 2007 the rate actually rose.

Teenage pregnancy rates are now higher than they were in 1995. Pregnancies among girls under 16 - below the age of consent - are also at the highest level since 1998."

The government claims that more contraception equals less abortion - the same claim made by the Obama administration - but the truth is the opposite. The more contraception, the more abortion.

It is amazing and almost unbelievable that people give the Obama administration credit for wanting to lower the abortion rate when the only real strategy they support for doing so is pushing more contraception on more teens. This is lunacy. It didn't work in the UK after a decade and a half of an extremely liberal government pushing a consistent policy relentlesly. Not only did it not work; it actually made the problem worse. What makes people think it will work in the US? The Obama administration plans for sex ed. and contraception-pushing will do nothing but drive up the rate of teen abortion.

There, I said it. I'm not the Pope. I'm not even Catholic. I'm just a parent with common sense.
Check out these stats comparing teen abortion rates in the 31 states that have funded "Abstinence Only" sex education programs versus the 17 that do not. The difference is staggering to the "experts," but in line with parental common sense. Obama is increasing funding for contraception-centered sex education and cutting funding for abstinence only sex education. How does one evaluate this kind of ideology-driven stubborness that hurts teenagers?

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