Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Totalitarianism at the University of Calgary

So the University of Calgary administration can't handle a debate about one of the great moral issues of our time on their campus. So they are sending the police to the homes of female students to charge them with trespassing on their own university campus public spaces! What is next? Hoses? Dogs? Thugs with baseball bats?

What a bunch of wimps these people are. Who ever let them into positions of authority in a university anyway? These nervous nellies claim that the scary pictures "disturb" other students. Is this a university or a daycare? Who ever guaranteed a student that he or she could go to a university and never be disturbed? Isn't getting disturbed and learning to defend your point of view in a real debate with real people part of getting an education? Or do they still do education at the University of Calgary? Maybe it is just a pretentious Soviet-style indoctrination camp with nicer cafeterias. Honestly, it sounds more like North Korea than Alberta.

See this story in the National Post: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/story.html?id=1245751 and this bracing dose of reality from Ezra Levant: http://ezralevant.com/2009/02/university-of-calgary-alumni-s.html

All across Canada, free speech and conservative morality are under attack. Our society has been taken over by people who are determined to impose their own (low) moral standards on everyone else and those who object are increasingly at risk of harassement and worse. The sexual revolutionaries are no longer intrested in tolerance; that was just a temporary tactic useful when they were in the minority. Now they demand acquiesence or else. Even the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is now chiming in on the side of conservatives, which is heartening. But it may be too late.

If I hear one more sanctimonious appeal to academic freedom from a Canadian university administrator, I may throw up. Most of them could not distinguish clearly between academic freedom and political correctness. And most are so unprincipled that we can have no doubt that down the road when the Fascists take over, they will happily work for them. They may not even notice much difference, if this case is anything to go by.

Benedict XVI described this situation accurately and concisely in his famous phrase "the dictatorship of relativism."

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