Monday, February 16, 2009

A Botched Abortion in Florida Opens Eyes

You can read here an interview with the mother of a baby aborted by an abortion clinic in South Florida. The baby was born alive, but the abortionist didn't show up on time leaving non-medical clinic personel to deal with the situation. The clinic director (who was not a doctor or a nurse) cut the cord and put the baby, which was still gasping for breath, into a bio-hazzard bag.

Once the 18 year old mother saw that it was a real baby, not a blob, her natural maternal instincts kicked in and she wanted her baby. But the killers made sure it was dead.

The doctor has lost his medical license and the mother is now suing the clinic. The police are still investigating. They recovered the baby girl's body and it has now been buried in a Catholic cemetary. Here is a story from the Washington Times:

The mother says:

“They never said anything to me that would make me think it was a baby. They never said anything like baby, fetus. Nothing. They only said things like ‘termination’ and ‘pregnancy’ and ‘termination of pregnancy,’” she said. “They cheated me because they didn’t tell me everything and the doctor wasn’t there.”
She said the staff’s reaction to the live birth made her feel disrespected. “They tried to make it look like this was my fault. Like I asked for this. … They wouldn’t admit to me the whole time something went wrong,” she said. “I feel like they treated me like nothing, like a nobody.”

She said she and other post-abortive women need love, support and family. She also has changed her mind about abortion. “No one should lose their life if you get pregnant,” she said. “If I got pregnant again I would have the baby.”

Her advice to women in unplanned or crisis pregnancies is to make abortion their last option, if at all. “I would tell them not to do it. I’ll say whatever to make them have second thoughts so they don’t do it,” she said. “There is help out there.”

A tragedy has opened one young woman's eyes. Why is society as a whole so willfully blind to the barbarity that is modern abortion?

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