Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anti-Semitism and Liberal Complicity

Here is an article by Irwin Cottler, MP in the National Post. Of course he is right that anti-Jewishness is on the rise all ove the world and he is also right that harsh and unrelenting on the state of Israel, in which Israel is singled out for criticism over and over again, is cover for anti-Semitism. It is also true that militant, hate-filled Islam is responsible for most of the anti-Jewish activities in the world today and behind the attempt to commit genocide in the Middle East.

What I don't understand, however, is why Cottler persists in alliance with the Canadian Left, which has shown its anti-Jewish colours on so many occasions recently. He needs to join the Conservative Party and recognize that only Evanglical Christians, Conservative Catholics and true Conservatives are going to stand up to anti-Semitism in Canada this time around. Liberal Protestants are in bed with the Muslim extremists.

Liberals are terrified of Mulim violence and are just trying to keep the lid on so they can enjoy their hedonism, individualism and materialism until the end of their days. Since they are reproducing more and more infrequently and have weaker and weaker ties to their children, they have little concern for the future. Their days of caring about moral principles are in the distant past. Conservatives, who are regularly called Nazis by Liberals, are the only ones ready to stand against anti-Jewish discrimination. What the liberals do with talk of Nazis and apartheid is called moral inversion.

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