Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday urged to be ‘day of fervent prayer’ for Pope Benedict

In the last few weeks, the aging, decadent liberals of the Roman Catholic Church have risen up once again in a spasm of ugliness to attack everything orthodox and biblical in the Church in the name of "the spirit of Vatican II," which really means "the spirit of '68," that is, the spirit of the leftist revolution, the sexual revolution and the culture of death. Notice that RC liberals never talk about the "texts" of Vatican II as Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI endlessly do. That is because the spirit of rebellion against the Bible and Tradition that the liberals promote cannot be found in the actual texts of Vatican II. To hear them tell it, Vatican II was an attack on Vatican I and an admission that modernity has been right all along and the Church wrong. In the perception of the liberals, Vatican II was the surrender of the Roman Catholic Church to the theological and ethical liberalism that had already come to dominate the formerly "mainline," now "sideline," Protestant denominations.

If all that Hans Kung and the other liberals could wish for were to come true, the Roman Catholic Church would resemble nothing so much as the Episcopal Church in the US with rabid support for abortion, utter capitulation to the sexual revolution, Unitarian theology, bishops riding in Gay Pride Parades and 1,000 members per week leaving the denomination. Liberal Protestantism is on a fast slide to irrelevancy and close to degenerating into a heretical cult like the Unitarian-Universalist Association.

Pope John Paul II and now Benedict XVI are courageous, saintly and intellectually brilliant bulwarks against the anti-humanism of the culture of death and all that liberal modernity has wrought. Protestants need not agree with them on every doctrine in order to appreciate that thier witness has been a crucial one in upholding the reality of God, the glory and deity of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Gospel in this world. All those who take the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds seriously should be grateful for their rock-solid witness. Right now, Pope Benedict XVI needs the prayers of not only Catholics, but all Christians of good will around the world. As a recent article on the Cathoic News Agency says:

"Saying Pope Benedict XVI has been “unjustly attacked,” the head of the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need has called for this Sunday, the Feast of the Chair of Peter, to be a day of fervent prayer for the Holy Father."

The dignity of the papacy and the person of Benedict XVI himself have been crudely insulted. Many people have manipulated the facts, while others have frivolously abandoned the important fundamentals of our humanist tradition.

“This unworthy dealing with the truth does grave damage to the dialogue between civil society and the great religions. It is a sign of cultural degeneration.”

Read it all here:

"May God bless and protect Pope Benedict XVI and keep him faithful to the truth of Scripture and the orthodox teaching of the doctors of the Church, the great saints and the mystics down through the ages. May he know the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit bearing him up in the face of adversity. May he continue to shine the light of reason and faith on a world that desperately need to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

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