Sunday, February 22, 2009

Further Thoughts on the British Governments's Stand Against Teaching Children Basic Morality

Further to my post yesterday about the British Labour government minister telling parents not to teach their children right from wrong when it comes to sex, the thought occurs to me that the government is actually promoting child abuse. It is a matter of parental duty to teach children the Ten Commandments and to instil the golden rule in them. It is not an option or a trivial matter; it is a matter of basic, fundamental duty - a matter of right and wrong.

It also occurs to me that it is astounding that, precisely at the moment the government displays its lack of concern for the moral, physical and emotional health of children in such a blatant and obvious way, it also sees fit to instruct parents on how to go about raising children. This is evidence of a degree of moral blindness that indicates a willful and rebellious rejection of the moral order and God. It is proof that this government has lost all semblance of moral legitimacy and deserves nothing but scorn from those it presumes to rule.

This is not even matter of concern limited only to Christians. It goes beyond that. It is a matter of basic humanism and decency. No major religion in the world and few agnostics actually believe that sex is a completely amoral area of life. This government consists of people who are not mature enough to be trusted to babysit for the evening, let alone govern a modern nation-state. There is stupidity and there is evil; a mixture of the two is lethal.

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