Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sex Vote

Rod Dreher has an excellent post at The Crunchy Con discussing "God, the Sex Vote and Human Dignity." He mentions a post by James Paulos, who mentions "the Sex Vote." Here is Dreher:

He defines "Sex Vote" as a "snappy term for people who are generally willing or even eager to trade away political and economic freedoms for broad (in terms of scope, variety, protection and enforcement) social and cultural freedom." I'd love to read more of his thoughts on this provocative concept, but if I take his meaning, he's arguing that there's really nothing that the Sex Vote crowd won't accept as long as its sexual freedom is protected. I have believed for some time now that for liberal elites (by which I mean academics, journalists, political activists, politicians and the left-wing donor class), the one hill they'll die defending is the Sexual Revolution. And that's true to some degree for us religious conservatives, because sex and culture is not just about canoodling, but has everything to do about the kind of cultural order we'll live in, and even what it means to be human.

Read it all at:

The significance of Obama's election is that he won with the sex vote and he knows it. I've said before and I still say that we can expect centrist economic policies from Obama but a strong committment to leftist stances on social issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia.

We need to think of the sex vote in terms of Nietzsche's "Last Men" and Huxley's Brave New World, which depicts a perfectly Nietzschean world - one that is becoming more and more real every day in the West. With the UK on its knees, only the much-despised and hated social conservatives in the US stand between us and the realization of the Nietzschean vision. Something to think about the next time you read a media slur on social conservativism and Christianity as obstacles to "progress."


David said...

"With the UK on its knees"

I think you're being kind Craig :) I just read this in the Times and couldn't help but think of our mutual friend Liebowitz

Craig Carter said...

Rod now has a post up with a link to Frank Beckwith's note on the petition in the American Philosophical Association to pin the scarlet letter on the schools which still practice Christian morality. It looks like the first burning may take place there. Ironic isn't it? Who would have thought of the APA as the first simpleton mob? I had the AAR penciled in for that honour.

David said...

I don't know - Mike Baxter might argue that the Theology department at Notre Dame beat them to it ;)
I must admit Craig, I find all this very encouraging! After hundreds of years of trying desperately to fit in with liberal secular modernity we're being forced onto the margins where we belong. From my RC perspective JFK tried to bind us to it but they're kicking us out - and thank God they are. So many prophetic voices have been trying to get us to see the Church as Polis for years now but we're going to have to be forced to see it by the secular before it sinks in.
One cannot be Christian and a good liberal modernist, they know it, we know it and surely those still fanning the dying embers of the Schleiermacherian project must soon see it too?

I read the UK Guardian every day as part of a group of readings to remind myself who I am; the people around me in the Church often fail to remind me that I'm part of a different body, called to a different reality, but the good old Guardian gives it to me straight!