Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Technology is Fun!

One of the depressing aspects of being a Marxist is having to hate (and secretly fear) the technological progress and success of capitalistic society.

When I was going through my leftist phase (I never was a full-blown Marxist, just an inconsistent fellow traveler), I used to revel in moralistic disapproval of new gadgets and gizmos that make life easier and more comfortable. Like many leftists who self-righteously take the bus to work and look down on us car drivers with a scorn that easily rivals that of the Pharisee of Luke 18, I used to think that if only we could curb the use of fossil fuels, stop buying consumer goods and services and slow down economic activity we would be morally superior, even though poorer and less healthy. I have now given up that silly superstition.

So just to flaunt my new-found freedom to enjoy the fruits of science, I thought I'd point you to this cute little ad for the new iPhone 4S. I have the iPhone 4 but this looks seriously useful and handy.

Will I get one? Well, probably eventually. But I don't believe in going in debt for luxuries like this. Enjoy all good things in moderation and all that sort of thing.

But Christmas is coming . . . and yes, family you could take that as a hint!


MamaOat said...

why not just wait for the robot to come out who can bake and do your running for you?

Craig Carter said...

But of course I am waiting!

Peter W. Dunn said...

If Apple could get the autocorrect to work properly that would be the first step. There is a whole life on the internet now of autocorrect jokes.

Mary Paul said...

I am once again feeling happy and proud to say that this is my favorite web site.

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