Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sex Clubs are OK, Milk Clubs Must Be Eliminated! Bureaucratic Madness Over a Drink of Raw Milk

It is legal in Canada to drink raw milk from your own cow, but not to sell it to anyone else. Heroin injections sites are legal in Canada. Private sex clubs are legal. Killing your unborn child is legal. But the nanny state is out to clamp down on those evil milk pushers!

Michael Schmidt is an Ontario farmer who has set up a business in which people buy shares in his dairy herd and then they get raw milk from the herd. Some people who are informed adults wish to drink raw milk. What on earth is wrong with that?

Plenty says the Ontario court of appeal. After being acquited by a judge, the Province appealed and now Mr. Schmidt has had his acquittal overturned.

Go here and see Ezra Levant interview Michael Schmidt.

You will notice his German accent. Toward the end of the interview Levant asks why Schmidt has fought for his rights for 17 years and Schmidt tells him that he grew up in Germany during World War II and saw the government take away individual rights. After the war Schmidt asked his parents and others what had gone wrong and he concluded that people need to stand up to the government whenever individual liberties are curtailed needlessly.

My hat is off to Michael Schmidt as he continues the fight. He will appeal and, God willing, he will win. It is time to fire the nanny.

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