Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Anti-Semitism from Occupy Wall Street

Here is another very calm, very coherent, very hate-filled OWS protester admitting to an interviewer that she thinks the Jews who run the bands and the Federal Reserve should be run out of the country. She talks like she thinks that everybody agrees with her and it isn't even that controversial. In her circles it probably isn't.

Tony Katz has a post in which he describes his interview on Cross Talk, which was afterward posted on YouTube. He gives a list of the some of the comments it attracted and the anti-Semitic theme was prominent once again.

HAs tony ever been punched? Id like to be the first. – MrMrEvin

The only acts of violence are by the police! don’t listen to that Jew! – murmur6666

lol, just what i expected from a tea party douche. Pull the string, get the pre-programmed ideas. Sheesh. – ForestSongUnLTD

The guillotine needs to make a comeback. – bamboo4tameshigiri

T. Katz needs a bitch slappin’. Pick me! Pick me! – phillisthebarbarian

Teabaggers need to be put in re-education camps! Roseanne Barr was right! – petersz98

Tony’s face would look good arguing from the bottom of a basket. – Will224000

What a fat f*** – arturro666

tony should be wearing a white hood… – SHACKTRESS

What a dumb Zionist tool in the bottom right corner – megamogx

will someone please violently obliterate the man on the bottom right – humanboy1221

Who is this stupid Tea Party guy. Make me want to stand up and punch his face. What a dick head!!! – nhu111

Didn't we see this movie before in the 1930s? Do you who identify as leftist not see the danger of your 1% class-warfare rhetoric? Don't you see that it has already led you to become identified with some really seriously evil people and attitudes? Do you really want to be part of this?

Remember, in 2012 in North America conservatives are neither racist nor anti-Semitic. Conservatives stand against hate and prejudice. Will those on the Left join us in condemning anti-Semitism and rooting it out of their organizations?


Unknown said...

Of course you disagree with Occupy Wall Street. Shocker. You find one idiot protester and then characterize the group in said manner. I didn't find any posts on the Tea Party protests and their anti-black sentiments. Instead, you find a black woman talking about Jews. Nice, Craig, nice. The KKK couldn't have done it better.

In your other post you listed four groups that stand up to communism. Family. Church. Big Business. And the Military. Please explain to me how Family stood up to communism? Or how the Military stood up to communism (that should be good) And Big Business, Craig? Good grief, have you even read the gospels. Oh, I get that read all these racist, pseudo intellectuals that seem to defend this notion that Jesus was a white, straight businessman who wore suits and promoted the purity of the market, but how about a few books outside of your window.

Hell, you don't even know what Feminism means, and using the word as an insult is disgusting.

Craig Carter said...

You sure have a lot of dogmatic beliefs that you hold with absolute certainty.

I did not just find "one idiot protester," If you check out the internet, anti-Jewish sentiment is all over OWS, as it is now a common meme of the Left in general. I had no posts on the Tea Party anti-black sentiments for the simply reason that the Tea Party is not anti-black and there is no video to be found of anti-black sentiments at Tea Party events. That is a vicious smear made up by the likes of Keith Olbermann and Al Sharpton. Liberals believe what they want to belief regardless of the facts.

The Tea Party at the moment is behind the only black candidate running for the Republican nomination. Black Americans are waking up to the fact that the Great Society policies of the Democratic Party have destroyed the black family and created a dependent underclass. They are angry that abortion rates for black babies are much higher than for white ones. And white liberal Democrats are panicking about the black vote and doing a serious smear job on the Tea Party.

If you think the US military didn't stand up to communism I don't know what planet you live on. Usually they are blamed for being too rabidly anti-communist.

As for feminism, you don't seem to understand what it is. Second wave Feminism, which began in the 19690s, is very different from First Wave Feminism. SWF is heavily Marxist in inspiration and says that women cannot be equal to men until incomes are equal. That means all women must work outside the home for ideological reasons whether individuals want to or not. (And studies show that a large number of working mothers would rather be home with their kids. But will Feminists support tax policy that could help them do so? No.)

SWF is a movement of upper middle class white women and it has been a disaster for minority women and children and for children in general. SWF is devoted to the destruction of the traditional family and has nothing to put in its place except individualism.

You are good at sounding outraged and shocked at what I say. But I think you are learning some valuable facts and perspectives. Keep reading!

Peter W. Dunn said...

Craig, haven't you heard that Tea Party's Barbara from Harlem and Lloyd Marcus are anti-black?

Craig Carter said...

For those who don't know: Peter is pulling your chain! Lloyd Markus is a Tea Party happy warrior. Oh, and he is black too.

(Peter, remember many of my readers live a sheltered life! Many think the CBC has no bias and get all their talking points from there.)

Peter W. Dunn said...

Oh sorry, Craig. I thought everyone would be able to understand a bit of irony.

Here are the hyperlinks (I hope they work):

Lloyd Marcus' Tea Party Anthem

Lloyd Marcus

Barbara from Harlem

Jack said...


The gentleman in the following video is at a Tea Party rally. Would you say that he represents the Tea Party movement? Really, do you want to kills socialists?

Peter W. Dunn said...

Jack: I'm sure Craig will have a great response to that video.

I only think this: the man in the video said he came from Nicaragua. That makes me wonder if some member of his family became a victim of the Sandanistas--perhaps a cherished brother or a beloved father. Perhaps that is why he became visibly angry and began to shout the words he did. Who knows? Communists certainly have killed a few hundred million people, when you take into consider not just the Sandinistas, but also Lenin, Stahlin, Mao, Castro, Che, North Korea, Indochina. Murdering people is par for the course when you reject the 10 commandments, including the one that says, "You shall not murder".

I personally think that man is indeed an exception and is not representative of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement seems still far too complacent to have that kind of anger at communists. Did you notice how the others were trying to calm him down?

I personally do not want to kill socialists, but I wish that those who commit crimes receive their just punishment. But I do think that there is something morally corrupt about people who embrace an ideology which rejects all of the 10 Commandments which were engraved in stone by the finger of God.

Craig Carter said...

I agree with Peter. The man in the video looks like he has some emotional issues, but who knows the back story. He is certainly not a leader nor typical. The examples I cited from OWS were of leaders and typical in the sense of examples of widespread behaviour.

We should realize though that if the Communists who are fermenting the OWS protests ever get their way and come close to seizing power, then people like me will be on lists to be murdered. That is always how it works. Communism is based on murder and anyone who knows the history of the 20th century knows that. And socialists and "liberals" will be accessories because they helped the Communists come to power.

We have to defend liberal democracy against all forms of collectivism and against enemies who use force the only answer is force. Maybe people like the man in the video have seen first hand the lethal determination of Communists to kill for power. He knows by experience what the rest of us only know by hearsay.

Those who call for "Revolution" should know that in the US, at least, their violence will be met with massive, overwhelming force. I do not think the citizens of the US are ready to knuckle under to any kind of fascist or communist dictatorship of any kind.

Jack said...


I hope that the irony of your comments aren't lost on you. "The man in the video looks like he has some emotional issues, but who knows the back story. He is certainly not a leader nor typical."

You indeed could make the exact same statement about the people in the OWS videos you've posted, which is why I've asked you to engage with some more well known figures such as Hedges or Klein.

I don't take that man seriously (and neither do you) - I wonder why anyone would take the videos you've posted seriously?

Craig Carter said...

When you get a video of a recognized Tea Party leader calling for violence and being cheered by the crowd, let me know.

Jack said...


Is war considered violent? If so, I'm sure we can find a little video for you of Tea Party leaders cheering for violence.

When you get a video of a recognized leader from OWS saying they want to kill capitalists and Jews, let me know. Seriously, post it. Find something from someone recognizable who advocates violence from OWS and post it.

Craig Carter said...

I don't think it would be possible to "run all the Jews out of America" without violence. I've posted video of an OWS self-described organizer refusing to condemn anti-Semitism after hearing a person interviewed at an OWS protest calling for that. (See my post.) If this is not what you asked for, you will have do some hair-splitting to get around it.

And if this is not enough, check out my other post where Lisa Fithian, who has been training the OWS protesters leads an anti-Israel rally calling for one Palestine "from the river to the sea."