Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Religion of Peace and Liberal Hypocrisy

Michelle Malkin has a great post here about Lars Vilks who was attacked the other day physically in the middle of a university lecture at Uppsala University in Sweden. We must not be intimidated by threats of violence into accepting a law forbidding criticism of Islam. We must not if we value free speech and freedom of religion.

But I just want to make one little point about the debate currently raging between leftists apologists for appeasement and conservatives who refuse to accept Muslim domination of Western countries on this matter.

When leftist commentators, politicians and academics say that, while they do not condone violence, they also think that we should be polite and respectful toward Islam and not provoke and belittle a major world religion, I could almost agree. It sounds so adult, so nice and so enticing. But then I give my head a shake and remember that these same people think it is just fine to insult, revile, repress and show utter contempt for Christianity even as they counsel "respect" and "politeness" toward Islam. If they showed the same respect and politeness to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the feelings of sincere Christians, then I could respect them and believe that they had sincere motives.

But they don't. And so I accuse them of hypocrisy, cowardice and two-faced lying to evade unpleasantness. If they had been in charge in 1939 the Nazis would have conquered Europe and possibly the world. Maybe they think that would be all right. Probably they do. Only warmongers stand up to Hitler. Or Islamic attacks on free speech.

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