Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comments Policy

Anyone who wishes to comment on this blog is welcome to do so providing that they adhere to commonsense guidelines of politeness. But this is my space and I reserve the right to censor profanity, incitement or anything else that I would not allow in my home. As long as you express yourself in a civilized manner I am not concerned to censor your opinion. I'd rather argue with you.

Comments that are not in English are unwelcome. Presumably, if you are reading the blog and not just posting random comments you can leave your comment in English, which allows the rest of us to read it.

Remember that restrictions on what you can say on my blog have nothing to do with a restriction on your free speech. It's a free internet and you can say whatever you like on your own blog. May the Internet be free forever.

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Gordon Hackman said...

You might consider having this on your sidebar so it will always be in view of potential commenters.