Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Another Reason Why the Scientific Establishment Cannot be Taken Seriously on Global Warming

It is beginning to get wearisome. The Church of Climatology masquerading as real science continues to act as if it were possible to lie, cheat, deceive on the web and never get caught. Please. Memo to World's Leading Scientists: You are being schooled by 12 year olds on PCs in their parents' basement. Enough. They know more about photo shopping than you do.

The respected journal Science (whose tag line modestly reads: "The world's leading journal of original scientific research, global news and commentary") has just been caught out resorting to the oldest global warming manipulation trick in the book: the lonely polar bear about to drown because - snif, snif - carbon taxes aren't high enough to make Al Gore's companies filthy rich yet. Yup. They did. Here is where they admit it. (Interesting Fact: Polar bears have been spotted swimming in the ocean 200 miles from land. Don't be manipulated.)

And they did it as an accompaniment to a sermon entitled "Climate Change and the Integrity of Science." I kid you not. They photo shopped a tear-jerking picture to heighten the emotional impact of a sermon on "integrity," as in "we sure wish those loathsome climate change deniers had enough integrity to shut up and pretend we are right." The letter is sneering in tone and patronizing. It even compares faith in global warming to faith in evolution. Great move - it's bound to work. (Eyes rolling) I wonder if they have the same PR firm as the Vatican.

Go here to see the two pictures. Mark Shea reminds us that this open letter was signed by 250 mostly non-climate scientists. When the letter about 31,000 scientists who objected to Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is brought up there usually a lot of nitpicking about how many of them are not actually climate scientists. Yet they do exactly the same thing in reverse.

And they snif about the difference between climate and weather and how one isolated weather event does not indicate a shift in climate in this letter. (Dumb deniers.) Yet, every time there is a warm weather event the media shouts "Climate Change!"

For months after Climategate last November all we heard was that the IPCC only relies on peer-reviewed papers for its Report. The chairman Mr. Pachauri assured us that anything other than peer-reviewed papers is "thrown in the garbage." Now a citizen's audit conducted by 40 people from 12 countries has analyzed all 7000 pages and found that 5,600 (nearly 30%) of all citations in the Nobel prize winning report were from non-peer reviewed sources. Did Pachauri actually think that no one would check up on him? Especially after he was defensive, derisive and haughty about it? And, why is he still in charge of the IPCC again?

Look, all I want is real science and honest debate. I don't want dogma or opinion. And I don't want lies and deceit. It seems to me that if the evidence were as clear cut as they say it is, they wouldn't have to resort to deception, there would not be so many skeptical scientists and nobody would talk about "believing in climate change." Do you ever hear them talk about "believing" in gravity or relativity or other established scientific theories? No, and there is a good reason for that.

When people who are supposed to be professional scientists want you to "believe" in things, resort to ad hominem arguments and start attacking dissenters as if they were doing an imitation of the Spanish Inquisition trolling for heretics - and then ask for your wallet - run in the other direction as fast as you can.

And remember, the polar bears can swim. And they are probably really penguins anyway.

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