Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Canada Would Be Better Off Minus Quebec

Quebec is more radically left-wing than the rest of the country and is a drag on Canada from the point of view of social conservatives. Marriage is almost dead in Quebec with a majority of births now being illegitimate. The Church has been hounded out of public life by an aggressive and fanatical secularism. The pressure for allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada is coming mainly from Quebec.

Demographically, Quebec has the lowest birth rate in North America so it has no long-term future anyway. We will be funding more and more senior citizens in Quebec even as its workforce and economic contribution declines. About half of them want to separate anyway, so I say cut them loose. Let's separate from Quebec.

That is my reaction to the following story in The Globe and Mail.

In a concerted broadside against Ottawa, Quebec legislators have unanimously challenged the Harper government’s stance on abortion and asserted women’s right to choose.

The Quebec National Assembly adopted an all-party motion on Wednesday urging the federal government to end its “ambiguity” on abortion, a sign that the dormant abortion issue is starting to awaken divisions.

“Abortion is an inalienable right and the consensus expressed in the National Assembly reflects the consensus on this issue in Quebec society,” Premier Jean Charest told The Globe and Mail. “Today’s motion sends a clear message to the federal government on the need to protect an essential right for all women.”

Mr. Charest said Quebec has fought and won its battles over abortion rights. “That battle is over and here there is no turning back,” he said.

The Quebec MNA who introduced the motion says a prime catalyst for acting was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s refusal to include funding for abortion services in Third World countries as part of his G8 maternal health initiative.

Quebec is out of touch with the rest of Canada and is just a force for anti-family and anti-life movements. Let it go and it can be isolated or else join the US, where it will fit in even less well.

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