Friday, July 23, 2010

Herman Cain for President!

Here is a story about a black businessman, Christian, conservative, journalist and Atlanta talk show host who could totally demolish Barack Obama in 2012.

He has been CEO of Godfathers Pizza, CEO of the National Restaurant Assocation, a mathematician for the US Department of the Navy, a business analyst for Coca-Cola and is a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas. He has a bachelor's degree in math from Morehouse and a masters in computer science from Purdue. He has written five books, including: They Think You're Stupid: How Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Republicans Must Do to Keep It! He lost in a bid for the US Senate in the 1990s and is now a columnist for WND and a talk show host. Here is his website.

Here are a few choice quotes from the WorldNetDaily article:

One of the biggest challenges for the GOP and conservative candidates in the 2010 and 2012 elections, he explained, will be to "educate the public on what has truly happened in the first two years of this administration and this Congress."

"One of the tactics of the Left is the assumption that 50 percent of the American public is clueless and makes all of its decisions based on sound bites and pretty speeches," he explained. "They're right. The biggest challenge for the GOP and conservatives will be to educate people. This is why the Left is trying to demagogue talk radio, Fox News and WorldNetDaily."

He said Obama's supporters don't want people to know the truth or challenge the administration's policies. Rather, they seek to silence their opposition.

This is what Obama tried to do in his attempt to marginalize Fox News early on in his presidency. It was a shameful episode that made the United States look like a third world, tin pot dictatorship with the Big Leader trying to intimidate and sideline the parts of the press that disagreed with him. And it is happening again with the Big Lie that the Tea Party movement is racist. The Left keeps repeating this lie because they know that if it is repeated often enough some people will believe it.

But Herman Cain is a Tea Party speaker and he denies and demonstrates that the issue is not racism, but liberal policies.

Cain has been a keynote speaker at more than 20 tea-party rallies. In August 2009, an estimated 12,000 people attended a rally in Atlanta's Olympic Centennial Park where Cain was scheduled to speak. His first tea-party speech was April 15, 2009, at a tea party in Las Vegas. Organizers were expecting 600 people, and 2,600 people arrived. . . .

After all his experience with tea parties, Cain said he is certain the movement is not racist – an accusation often hurled by left-leaning mainstream media outlets.

"They can produce no proof – no evidence whatsoever – to substantiate this claim," Cain said. "When the tea parties first started, I have to acknowledge that some people brought signs that denigrated the image of President Obama – not because he was black, but because they did not like his policies."

Herman Cain is unwaveringly pro-life and defends marriage against the current attacks. He is a living embodiment of the American Dream and his relentless optimism reminds one of Ronald Reagan. Listen to him talk about his own life and what the American political system - the one now under attack from the Left as old-fashioned, racist and inadequate - and think about how this man would wipe the floor with Obama in a head to head debate.

I honestly believe that if the Republicans nominated Herman Cain for president in 2012 the Democratic Party would not dare let Obama run again. They would turn to Hilary Clinton in a last ditch desperate attempt to make a race out of it.

Oh, and did I mention that he is a Baptist? He sure would make up for the last Baptist to be president, the walking disaster called Jimmy Carter. I can assure you that Herman Cain would not have a foundation financed by Saudi oil money and Herman Cain would not despise the two thirds of American people who respectfully dissent from the liberalism of the political class.

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Herman is amazing, please join the effort to send him to the White House.

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