Saturday, July 3, 2010

Global Warming in Decline - Canada Ahead of the Curve as the US is Stuck in the 60s

It seems like just yesterday that serious people actually believed that the oceans were about to inundate London and New York and the polar bears were all drowning. The scare tactics, the inflated and ridiculous claims of vanishing glaciers and the melting of the polar ice caps and the corrupt science that hardly anyone dared to question - all of it it is melting away now faster than than the Himalayan glaciers were supposedly melting.

Lawrence Soloman has a nice little piece in The National Post entitled: "Catastrophism Collapses" in which he shows how fall down on the priority list the issue of global warming has fallen as illustrated in the recent G20 Summit.
Last week’s G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto and its environs confirmed that the world’s leaders accept the demise of global-warming alarmism.

One year ago, the G8 talked tough about cutting global temperatures by two degrees. In Toronto, they neutered that tough talk, replacing it with a nebulous commitment to do their best on climate change — and not to try to outdo each other. The global-warming commitments of the G20 — which now carries more clout than the G8 — went from nebulous to non-existent: The G20’s draft promise going into the meetings of investing in green technologies faded into a mere commitment to “a green economy and to sustainable global growth.”

These leaders’ collective decisions in Toronto reflect their individual experiences at home, and a desire to avoid the fate that met their true-believing colleagues, all of whom have been hurt by the economic and political consequences of their global-warming advocacy.

Read the rest here. Solomon chronicles how politicians from France to Australia to Spain have experienced the wrath of voters and retreated from global warming as an issue and the so-called "Green Economy" strategy. Ironically, just as Spain pulls subsidies for renewable energy industries, Obama announces 2 billion dollars for solar energy projects.

About the only true believer left is the dinosaur of left-wing ideology, Barack Obama. He is not a dinosaur because he spouts leftist rhetoric - including the "Green Religion" line - because lots of world leaders still do that. He is a dinosaur in the sense that he, from all appearances, still believes in that failed agenda and is aggressively trying to ram through as much of it as possible during the last days of the Democratic majority in Congress. Nothing will stop his 1960s agenda except an election and the American people are preparing to do just that on Nov. 10.

Solomon also notes that Canada, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was ahead of the curve on this issue (just like on national debt reduction) and now other G8 countries are falling into line and following Canada's lead. It is nice to see our country acting sanely for a change.

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