Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Civil Disobedience: It Has Been Necessary in the Past and May Become Necessary Again in Our Time

Here is a message from Chuck Colson and Timothy George, two of the framers of the Manhatten Declaration, on the issue of civil disobedience.

As I have indicated on this blog in recent days, the threat to religious freedom for Christians and to the precious liberties bequeathed to us by our Western religious heritiage are under assault from the Left as never before. They want to degrade our countries into backwards, totalitarian, socialist states where poverty, coercion, thought-control and oppression flourish in the name of their idol: Equality. This kind of ideology creates a culture of death in which death is first seen as the solution to social problems and later is worshiped. In the face of the Left's assault on human dignity, hope and freedom, it is necessary to say that free, Christian people must resist. And this resistance must be firm and unyielding, even in the face of persecution and peril. Listen to Dr. Colson and Dr. George speak frankly on this issue.

Here is the Manhatten Declaration website. Remember that Christians did not start the culture wars: Marxists did. But Christians know that we serve a God who will still be God after the culture wars of late Western culture are long over.

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