Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July to My US Friends!

I know its after midnight in Ontario where I live, but I'm in Alberta where it is actually still July 4th and I have not had time for blogging today. The grandparenting work is engrossing and fulfilling. My grandson Isaac does not stand still for long and we have been busy today.

But I want to say to American readers of this blog that I congratulate you on your wonderful country and your great heritage of Christian culture. You have the right to celebrate despite the darkness emanating from Washington DC these days. November 10 is coming.

I have a faculty friend who delights in bashing the idea of American exceptionalism, as is the custom in academia. Let me give you my take on American exceptionalism: for me, American exceptionalism consists very simply in the refusal of the socialist temptation. Americans have said no to socialism, though they have had a welfare state forced upon them by an unelected Supreme Court and a cowardly Congress. But in America one can still breath the air of freedom and the individual is still not the slave of the bureaucratic masters.

You can tell that all is not yet lost by the venomous hatred the socialists have for America. They know an enemy still exists which has not come into their claws and it galls them. At a moment when Russia lies in ruins, China is on the brink of demographic disaster, and Europe is drifting toward totalitarianism, America still fights back against collectivization, slavery and the destruction of the human spirit.

Fight on, happy warriors. You give the rest of us hope in this world, who otherwise would only be able to hope for the next world. The socialists, anarchists, nihilists and lovers of death can be defeated by faith in God and belief in man as a creature created not for slavery but for friendship with God.

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