Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revolt of the Masses: Dede Scozzafava Quits in Race for Congress in NY 23

Well, well . . . it is official now that Dede Scozzafava has ceded in the race for the NY 23 Congressional District after the most recent polls show her support sinking like a stone and likely to lead to a decisive 3rd place finish.

Let's review. Dede Scozzafava is a so-called "moderate" Republican. She is pro-high taxes, pro-choice, pro-same sex "marriage" and has worked with ACORN in the past. She is a recipient of an award named for Margaret Sanger from Planned Parenthood. The Republican National Committee and the party establishment backed her candidacy even though it would amount to electing a liberal Democrat under the Republican Party banner. There was even speculation that she would pull a "Spector" and change parties once elected. She would definitely have been a reliable vote for the Pelosi radical liberal agenda.

So Doug Hoffman, an accountant and conservative, jumped into the race under the Conservative Party banner as a third candidate. The Party Establishment, dominated by big business Northeasterners and the liberal media gave him no chance. But his campaign caught fire and got a key early endorsement from Sarah Palin, which proved to be a game changer. The Tea Party grass roots movement was energized and numerous pro-life and pro-family groups jumped in. The poll numbers began to move. All of a sudden, Hoffman went from being a spoiler (which would have been signficant enough) to being a threat to win. Then he started getting endorsements from the likes of Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Jim DeMint, Tim Pawlentey and others.

In the view of the Washington Post and the New York Times, the grassroots of the party (plus conservatives who are not registered Republicans) rebelled against the establishment. And today, whatever happens on Tuesday, the establishment was humbled. The party establishment, having been humbled, is now going to work to get out the vote for Hoffman on election day.

The significance of this race goes far beyond the borders of the 23rd congressional district of New York State. What is unfolding here is the awaking of the sleeping giant of American conservatism. Barack Obama campaigned as a Clinton moderate, but he has filled his administration with leftist radicals and seems to be unable to control the left-wingers like Pelosi and Reid who are leading the party off the cliff. Probably he agrees with their agenda and wouldn't stop them if he could. Yet one senses his utter helplessness.

For the Newt Gingrich's of the world, who are pre-occupied with partisan politics, whatever is good for the Republican Party is good for America. Real conservatives disagreee. They are committed to principle, governance and policy, not party colors or being the gophers for the big business establishment. It is essential that the Republican Party not be able to take for granted the social conservative and traditional conservative vote, just as it is essential that the Democratic Party not be able to take for granted the Roman Catholic vote.

The Tea Party movement originates from outside Washington and in not under the control of the party establishment. If it targets both liberal Republicans and tacitly endorses conservative Democrats, it can remake congress without the permission of, and without winning control of, either major party. If it can do this, it will certainly determine the Republican nominee in 2012 and may even encourage a pro-Clinton revolt in the Democratic Party. The Obama brand will be dead by 2010.

Remember, the American electorate is made of of a majority of conservatives. Actual adherents of leftist ideology number no more than 20%. Party affiliation is no guide to conservative beliefs. The country has shifted right-ward in the past year; we may be witnessing the birth of a conservative revolution even greater than the Reagan revolution.

Less than 24 hours after dropping out of the race, Scozzafava announced she is supporting the Democratic candidate, Bill Owens. She is no longer a Rhino (Republican in name only); she is a Democratic Party supporter. She likely would have been a reliable vote for Pelosi's reckless agenda had she been elected and the will of the electorate would have been frustrated. The way this whole race has gone is heartening for anyone who believes in democracy and shows that conservative America is down but not out.

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