Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birth Control is Not Green; Nor is it a Solution to the Problems of the World

The Green Movement, aka the Environmentalist Movement, has been infiltrated and taken over to a large extent by Communists and their fellow-travellers and apologists, who have seen their dreams of world revolution dashed by the triumph of freedom in Eastern Europe and the USSR. They have siezed on the Global Warming issue as one that is closely related to the anti-pollution movement that has been gaining ground in the West over the past two or three generations.

Being in favor of caring for creation, recycling and cleaning up (and preventing) air and water pollution is something all people of good, including most Evangelical Christians, support. But the Global Warming issue has been siezed on by the Green Leftists as a way of drumming up support for their anti-Capitalist, anti-growth, anti-people agenda. The methods are fear-mongering and propoganda; more on that in a moment.

Their game is given away by two facts. First, you note that the politically correct now speak of "climate change" rather than "global warming." Why? Well, the fact is that the earth has been cooling, not warming, since 1998. Even the BBC, for crying out loud, is now questioning the myth of global warming by asking questions about this "inconvenient truth." So the name of the problem is changed to "climate change," which pretty much makes its claims unfalsifiable. When something is not falsifiable, as Richard Dawkins keeps reminding us, it is not science.

Second, predictions of the population explosion leading to the apocalypse have been around since Thomas Malthus published his gloomy musings on how starvation is imminent since humans always breed faster than the food supply could possibly grow. Paul Erlich's 1970 The Population Bomb predicted widespread famine in the 70s and 80s of the Twentieth century and its predictions were so wrong that if he had been an ancient Israelite prophet they would have had to stone him since his prophecies were false. So when you read the heavy-handed anti-child, anti-human Green Movement gurus predicting the apocalypse any year now if we don't severely cut population, you should be properly skeptical.

With the upcoming "climate change" talks in Copenhagan, it is to be expected that we will see as spate of anti-people propoganda. A recent editorial in the Washington Times gives a summary:
"From the London School of Economics and Optimum Population Trust (OPT), a
British think tank, comes a paper that explains that birth control is a very
inexpensive way to combat climate change. For every $7 spent on birth control,
one metric ton of CO2 emissions could be cut, the OPT study says. If all
unintended births worldwide could be prevented for 40 years, 34 billion tons of
carbon dioxide could be prevented. Hence the headline, "Fewer Emitters, Lower
Emissions, Less Cost."

Another report, from the Center for Environment and Population in New
Canaan, Conn., argues that population issues (i.e., family planning) must be
included in any plan to save the environment. Population and climate change are
"inextricably linked," says the report titled "U.S. Population, Energy &
Climate Change."

Finally, a study from two Oregon State University professors, published in the journal Global Environmental Change, showed how the descendants of each person swamp Earth with their emissions, and it's better to have one child than two."

Now, this propoganda is designed to do three things: (1) make you support abortion and birth control programs in the West, (2) make you support the export of the Western promiscuity ethic and the contraceptive mentality to the Third World and (3) deceive you into thinking that further reducing world population is good for you.

The fact is that 59 countries already have falling populations and that world population is already going to level out by 2050 at around 9 billion, which is not too many people for the planet to support. The big problem is going to be the failure to maintain the population and the resulting economic disaster as the population ages, economic growth slows and violence becomes a more and more plausible scenario as groups fight over their share of a shrinking economic pie. (See my previous post on demographer Philip Longman's book, The Empty Cradle.)

It is time to oppose the Green Movement and to de-legitimize its dangerous and harmful ideology. It will cause much pain, suffering and hurt if it is allowed to dominate public policy and implement the Malthusian mistake on a world scale.

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