Thursday, October 8, 2009

Liberal Colonialism

It seems to be a meme with liberals that they consistently and brazenly accuse conservatives of doing exactly what they (liberals) themselves are guilty of doing. I have noticed this over and over again and I'm going to start calling attention to it on a regular basis on this blog.

Example #1 comes from the Catholic News Service quoting a Roman Catholic Archbishop from South Africa on the topic of "liberal colonialism."

"Archbishop Joseph Tlhagale of Johannesburg, South Africa said this morning at
the Synod for Africa that the continent faces a "second wave of colonization"
from "liberalism, secularism and from lobbyists who squat at the United

The South African archbishop began his five-minute intervention by noting that moral values are "embedded in the diverse African cultures," and that, "alongside the Gospel values, are threatened by the new global ethic."

This ethic, he said, "aggressively seeks to persuade African governments and communities to accept new and different meanings of concepts of family, marriage and human sexuality." He also added that "the cultures of Africa are under heavy strain from liberalism, secularism and from lobbyists who squat at the United Nations."

Archbishop Tlhagale described the situation as "a second wave of colonization both subtle and ruthless at the same time."
He is right. The UN and European Union have been trying to impose a liberal Western worldview and ethics on Africa for years. The Islamic World, the Vatican and the US have formed a coalition that has slowed their advance, but now with a liberal administration in Washington joining with the UN - EU axis, the Third World is at the mercy of Western imperialism. We must pray for the return of a conservative administration in the US and for courage and strength for African Christians as they stand up to the pressure to conform to the pansexualist agenda and Western moral relativism.

Remember, there is nothing truely "liberal" about modern liberalism.


Stephen said...

You say that we should pray for "the return of a conservative administration in the US."
Do you have an example of a conservative administration of the type that we should be "returning" to?

Craig Carter said...

Any administration that would not export abortion and birth control to the thrid world would do. I'm open to all possibilities. What I want is an administration that is not enamoured of the culture of death and does not think that the way to fight poverty is to get rid of poor people.

Stephen said...

But saying "return" necessarily implies that there is a prior administration that serves as a model. Which specific administration should we return to?

Craig Carter said...

Oh, I checked and it turns out that they are all Republican: Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr.

Too bad about the Carter and Clinton administrations. It looks like so far no Democratic administration so far has been able to resist pushing death on the Third World.

Looks like it will have to be a Republican one.

David said...

Hi Craig,
I saw this and remembered a conversation we had about the future of Europe. Griffiths, as I did, has too much hope for an Islamic society, but he is right, I think, about just how hostile the neo-paganism of liberal democracy is to Christianity. When I read the European press (and Mo Dowd and others in the Times) I really think that there has never been a socio-theological order more oppositional to Christianity than liberal democracy. We had far more in common with the Roman Empire that fed us to the wild animals than we do with the contemporary 'West'.
Best Wishes,