Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If Roman Polanski Wore a Roman Collar

The Roman Polanski story is all over the internet and the other media. What a sad and sordid mess. Margaret Cabiniss has what I think is the final, definitive word on the utter hypocrisy of the pedophile's defenders in Hollywood, France and other gutters. She writes an article entiled: "If Roman Polanski Wore a Roman Collar" and she nails it. She is indebted to a post by Father Thomas Reese over at the Newsweek blog "Father Polanski Would Go to Jail," which is well-worth reading.

The only good that might come out of this (other than a long sentence in a tough prison for this unrepentant, repulsive, excuse for a man) is that it flushes out the people who, by supporting Polanski reveal themselves to have absolutely no moral credibility on anything from now on. Let's keep a list.

You know you are in trouble when Woody Allen is in your corner.
You know you are in trouble when Hollywood rallies to your support.
You know you are in trouble when the French intellectual and artistic class is on your side.

The biggest joke is the reflexive anti-Americanism that becomes the excuse for everything that is wrong with the world. Did they forget that Obama is now president? Didn't his apologies for everything make is all right? Or is it really America that they hated all along and not just President George W. Bush?

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