Friday, September 18, 2009

Five More Politically Incorrect Opinions

1. Handing out huge amounts of condoms only speeds up the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa and is an attempt to impose the (recent and decadent) Western ideology of sexual liberation on a non-Western continent. It is a form of cultural imperialism of which the West should repent immediately.

2. Sex education is the responsibility of parents and should be removed entirely from all public schools until such time as new curricula can be developed by organizations acceptable to parents following guidelines approved by parents. Parents should have far more to say about schools in general and the power of teacher's unions and central government bureaucracies should be rolled back drastically. There is no need for uniformity accross the nation (or the whole of the Western world); local sensibilities should be respected.

3. Same-sex "marriage" should be repealed where it exists and not adopted where it does not.

4. There is no such thing as a fixed-at-birth, unchangeable, genetic-based, homosexual orientation. Homosexuality is a complex phenomenon with many influencing factors and no one cause. Behaviour is always changeable, depending on the desire of the person, although for some people changing their orientation to heterosexual at their stage of life may not be possible. For others it will be possible if they desire it and find sympathetic help.

5. Multiculturalism policies in Western countries should be abandoned as failures. They undertake to do the impossible in pursuit of the indefensible. Memo to liberals and atheists: immigrants come here because of the culture Christianity has created not because of you. We Christians and recent immigrants already get along just fine; it is white, middle-class liberals who annoy us.

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