Friday, September 18, 2009

The Acorn Scandal: How High Will It Go?

Have you been following the ACORN scandal unfolding in the US? If you want a quick primer here is a report on ABC. Note the absurdity of the head of the organization (near the end) as she plays the race card. Basically her argument is, "Well sure we are guilty of fraud and promoting under-age prostitution, but if we weren't black and poor nobody would have a problem with that." On her planet, apparently, "everybody" thinks underage prostitution and fraud are just hunky dory, a-ok with them. I wonder what planet that is; maybe it's planet Democrat.

Jay Leno is finding it good fodder for jokes; nice to see someone other than conservatives being mocked on TV for a change.

When Sarah Palin used the term "community organizer" in her speech at the Republican National Convention last year, you could just hear the sarcasm and disdain dripping from her words. Sojourners lept to the defence of Obama claiming that communit organizing was a noble profession. Why Jesus was a community organizer! (Everybody knows Jesus was a social justice liberal just like Jim, right?)

So here is my question: if Jesus were around today, would he work for ACORN? No doubt, he would hang out with sinners, but would he help them evade taxes?

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