Saturday, September 19, 2009

European Parliament Condemns Lithuania for Standing Up for the Family

It looks more and more like tolerance both for homosexuals and religious people who oppose the homosexual lifestyle is just not going to happen in the Western world. The aggressiveness of the pansexualist movement, its demonization of those of us who defend a traditional view of marriage and family, and the widespread tendency to conflate intolerance with disagreement means that either the traditional view will rally and maintain its legal and social dominance or else the pansexualist jaggernut will supress and outlaw the traditional view.

I personally, like the vast majority of reasonable people, would have preferred a compromise and mutual toleration. But the pansexualists are adamant and determined to trample religious freedom underfoot in order to realize their dream of a post-heterosexual society. They don't just want freedom for themselves as individuals; they want to re-shape society in their own image. Their committment to social engineering reminds one of the worst fanaticism associated with religion in past centuries. It is apparently just fine now that that boot is on the other foot.

Congratulations to Lithuania for standing up to the jaggernut.

"(NEW YORK – C-FAM) The European Parliament voted 349 to 218 today to
condemn Lithuania for its "law on the protection of minors" which prohibits
promotion of "homosexual, bisexual or polygamous relations" among children
under 18 in the Baltic nation. Conservative critics contend that the measure, crafted in reaction to the domestic legislation of a sovereign member state pertaining to the family, oversteps the Parliament's authority.

The resolution directs the Agency for Fundamental Rights to opine on
whether the law contravenes European anti-discrimination standards. Any such
opinion would be non-binding, though activists would likely use it to press
for greater recognition of rights based on "sexual orientation." An earlier proposal by the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), the "liberal" parliamentary faction, would have initiated proceedings to suspend Lithuania pursuant to article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, the 1992 pact that created the European Union
(EU). Parliamentarians principally affiliated with the Christian Democratic
grouping, the European People's Party (EPP), worked behind the scenes to soften
the resolution and remove the Article 7 reference.

While "progressive" parliamentarians lined up to charge Lithuania with
promoting "homophobia," several EPP and conservative members spoke in opposition to the measure and in support of the country's sovereign right to pass laws protecting families and children, including Lithuania's first post-Soviet head
of state Vytautas Landsbergis and Slovakian parliamentarian Anna

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Let us remember that "progressive" here means those who hate tradition and Christianity, while confidently anticipating a brave new world built by the human will. It is heartening to me that the vote was so close, 349-218, because that means that the base must exist for a political movement that could challenge the "progressive" hegemony. Is European conservatism dead? Or is it lying dormant? Only time will tell.

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