Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is What Totalitarianism Looks Like: Politicians Presuming to Determine What True Christianity Is

From PAFE newsletter comes these two choice quotations from two of the more rabidly anti-Christian Ontario MPs:
Glen Murray: "I have to say to the bishops: 'You're not allowed to do that anymore.'"
Cheri di Novo: "We need to do so much more. It's just not enough anymore to condone any of the actions of those who pretend to be Christian-because they're not. That's what I'll say: They're not Christian."
No unbiased observer can pretend any longer that all the sexual revolutionaries want is tolerance. They want to take over that part of the Christian Church that they can intimidate and destroy the rest. These politicians are claiming the right to determine what true Christianity is.

We have seen this script played out over and over again in the twentieth century. Every totalitarian government is threatened by the Church teaching Christian truth and by families that are not controlled by government bureaucrats. Nazis, Communists, Progressives: they all do the same thing. They come into conflict with the Church and the Family because they are trying to intrude into every aspect of life and impose their Utopian ideologies on every facet of human existence.

But it is highly doubtful if they would be so bold if it were not for the Judas-like betrayal of Christ and his body by the liberal Protestants. They provide cover for these neo-pagan revisionists and allow them to pretend to be a form of Christianity. The United Church and the Anglican Church today function like the German Christians under Hitler and the Orthodox Church under Stalin. They trade the freedom to criticize the regime for the privilege of operating without persecution. They are the "court prophets" who bless the State in exchange for money, prestige and protection from persecution. They already have their reward.

The sexual revolutionaries shout "Theocracy" the minute anybody dares to disagree with their radical anti-life, anti-family, anti-marriage agenda. Social conservatives are criticized for wanting to "impose their values" on everybody else. What blatant hypocrisy! All this talk of "hidden agenda" and "theocrats" is nothing but pure projection.

What they want is an "atheocracy" and they mean to impose it by force. Their weapons are not dogma and scripture, but political correctness, "diversity" (by which they mean uniformity) and "inclusion" (by which they mean exclusion of the truth). They want to impose their values on us by force, so to divert attention from their true agenda, they project their own will-to-power on Christians and accuse us of what they themselves actually are guilty. Since the mainstream media agrees with them ideologically, the meme is picked up and spread. They have learned their lesson well from Goebbel: they know the lie must be big and repeated endlessly. This is their strategy.

Will it work? Time will tell. But Christians should not be intimidated or silent. We should speak out against sodomy, against promiscuity, against the hyper-sexualizing of our children in public schools through so-called "sex education," against attacks on marriage as the foundation of society and against bullying of parents and teachers by "gay activists" bent on imposing their warped values on us. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be counted. Of course we will be called names; Jesus told us to expect that. But if being called names intimidates you, just wait until the persecution ramps up; you will wish that all that was happening was that you were being called bad names.

For those who don't know, this post might make more sense if you were aware of the fact that Cheri de Novo is an ordained United Church of Canada minister.

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