Saturday, April 7, 2012

Puzzling Headlines

In the mood for a new, up-to-date Bible?

"Jimmy Carter supports same-sex ‘marriage’ as he launches his new Bible"

No thanks, I'll keep my old one by God that does not support mockery of marriage.

So, who exactly is God again?

"Catholic actor Martin Sheen: ‘the Church is not God’ on gay ‘marriage’ issue"

We knew it wasn't the Church, but we didn't think it was Martin Sheen. Or maybe he is just the guy who decides when the Church is right and when it is wrong. But we thought that was God . . .

We admire Timothy Cardinal Dolan's honesty, but isn't it about 50 years late?

"New York Cardinal Dolan says Church failed to teach against contraception."

Not that we Protestants have anything to be proud of on this issue. We folded like a cheap suit when the world discovered that the pill allows you to play around without consequences . . . or so it was thought back in the 1960s.

Wait, isn't it the job of the Left to persecute Christians?

"Betrayal of the Crucifix: As PM urges support of Christianity, his own Minister tells Europe Britons do not have right to wear cross at work"

David Cameron's "Conservative" Party is going to get in trouble with the Labour Party, which specializes in persecuting Christians. Now the Left and the "Right" is competing to see who can be most intolerant of Christianity. Only in Britain you say? Well, so far anyway.

Does This Encapsulate Obama's Foreign Policy or What?

"White House Hosts Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as Rocket Hits Israel"

Say what you will about Obama; the guy has always had exquisite timing.

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