Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ed Shultz Deliberately Twists Perry's Words to Make Him Appear Racist

If you want to see how dirty the upcoming US presidential election is going to be, just watch Ed Shultz brazenly edit a clip of a Rick Perry speech to make it appear that Perry said something he never said. Watch it here.

MSNBC, or as it is better known, the communications department of the perpetual Obama election campaign, is not only slanted and biased. It is downright deceptive and evil. This sort of accusation - racism - is effective because conservatives are fundamentally decent people who despise racism and take accusations of racism very seriously. This makes us susceptible to the big lie when it comes out of the Obama propaganda machine.

From now on we should assume, as our default position, that liberal attacks on conservatives as "racist" are mere projection from the other side. They actually are the ones preoccupied with racial issues. It was Biden who said that a negro who is clean and articulate is a 'dream.' It was Chris Matthews who said that when listening to Obama he forgot he was black. It is liberals who favor reverse discrimination (affirmative action) and who stand for racial quotas on everything.

No one should believe them and no one should be intimidated by their shrill, crude, amateurish attempt to push the "Big Lie."

I am disgusted by Ed Shultz. If Obama does not denounce him and disassociate himself from this kind of twisting of the truth, but simply chooses to profit from it and keep quiet, then Obama is nearly as bad as Shultz himself.

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