Friday, August 19, 2011

Child Abuse and the Sexual Revolution

Europe is in the latter stages of cultural breakdown in many ways, but the on-going sexual revolution and its exploitation and degradation of women and children continues to get worse and worse.

Having rejected procreative sex and re-defined sex as merely recreation, boredom looms as the big problem. Stripped of the real emotion that accompanies the true commitment of a man and woman to each other unconditionally and deprived of the meaning that arises from the man and the woman together bringing forth new human life, sex becomes trivial and shallow - cheap entertainment. Boredom is always present threatening to render it completely unattractive. A sexually promiscuous society is a sexually bored society.

This is why the rejection of the procreative, unifying, family-creating, natural meaning of human sexual intercourse always, necessarily, leads to pornography, promiscuity, homosexuality, orgies and various other forms of sexual perversions too revolting even to mention. Boredom leads to experimentation and there is a cheap and temporary thrill derived from pushing the boundaries. But as the boundaries evaporate, the thrill dissipates. But, disgusting or not, we must mention one of these perversions because it seems to be the next frontier of the sexual revolution: pedophilia - adults having sex with children. It begins, of course, with fantasizing about children as sexual objects. And the French media seem to be ready to facilitate such fantasies.

What is up with France? Oh, yes - it is the central part of Western Europe and it is more or less Ground Zero of the sexual revolution: the Spirit of '68 and all that sort of thing. And, after all, the violent, ugly, upheaval that was the French Revolution serves as a symbol of the revolt of Modernity against natural law, absolute morality and God.

So, just a week or two after the uproar over the French Vogue pictures of sexualized girls, we have a new story about the French fashion industry's new openness to pedophilia. (To see an example of the infamous pictures of the 10 year old girl exploited by Vogue, go here to an article entitled: "Yes, It's Porn." Today, the Globe and Mail reports:

A marketing campaign for a new line of French lingerie for four- to 12-year-olds is raising new concerns about how young girls are portrayed, along with questions about the role modern mothers play in sexualizing their daughters.

The Internet campaign for the company Jours Après Lunes features girls in lace-trimmed bras and panties, some wearing pearls and sporting Brigitte Bardot-inspired hairdos. One girl is reclining in a lounge chair and another strikes a coquettish pose in front of a mirror. Ads for a line of lingerie for tweens show older girls hugging teddy bears while dressed in skimpy underwear.

The article goes on to say that the ads have attracted little attention in France. So, does this mean that the French are now as relaxed about pedophilia as Western media elites as a whole are about adultery and homosexuality? Is openness to pedophilia what it takes to stay on the cutting edge of the sexual revolution today?

Although the ads have attracted little attention in France, the fashion world outside Europe was quick to condemn the campaign as exploitive and “creepy.” And a spokesperson for the prominent French feminist group Ni Putes Ni Soumisessaid it was time for mothers to own up to their responsibility in a trend toward portraying very young girls as sex objects.

“I don’t think a five-year-old is going to ask for this stuff, so it’s the parents who will ask for it,” said Gabrielle Apfelbaum. “It’s important for the parents to understand what their role is and what their child’s role is and that sharing stuff with your children does not mean sharing your lingerie or your sexual abilities.”

When even the feminists start talking common sense, maybe it is time someone was alarmed. The point about the parents' responsibility is the key point here. Today's parents of children aged 4-12 are in their thirties and forties and grew up taking the sexual revolution for granted and being taught in school that sex is fine as long as you use a condom. We have now entered a new phase of the sexual revolution. It used to be the schools marginalizing the parents to corrupt children; now it is corrupted children having grown up corrupting their children.

It is just like physical or emotional abuse (in fact, it is a form of abuse). It runs in families as dysfunctional parents raise children who themselves become dysfunctional parents. We often hate ourselves for making the very same mistakes our parents made, but often we find we can't help it - at least not without outside help.

The sexual revolution has caused various forms of child abuse over the past half-century. Fatherlessness is child abuse. Poverty caused by family breakup is child abuse. Girls who live with step-fathers or mothers' live in boyfriends are at much higher risk of sexual abuse than those who live with their biological fathers.

Now the next step in the sexual revolution is to move from abusing children to arguing that making them the playthings for bored men is not abuse.

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