Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ed Shultz Falsely Accuses Perry of Racism and Tries to Brazen It Out After Getting Caught Twisting His Words

Wow! As I noted yesterday, Ed Shultz was caught red-handed by Breitbart TV selectively editing a clip of a Rick Perry speech and then accusing him of racism on the basis of something he never even said. So, having been caught red-handed on tape with the whole world able to see what he did on the internet, what does Shultz do?

He should have been suspended from MSNBC or, more appropriately, been fired. But no, all he did was apologize for selectively editing the clip and playing the unedited clip. But he never said a single word about his unfounded, unjust, slanderous, false accusation against Perry! He never even acknowledged that he called him a racist. He just left that little detail out altogether.

All I can say is: wow! If this is a taste of what is to come, the Republicans had better buckle up their seat belts. The Obama hate machine is oiled and tested and ready to go. Civil discourse? Not from the liberal side I'm afraid. It is open season on conservatives.

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