Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abortion Rights for Male Predators reports that a Massachusetts man has been arrested for stabing his pregnant girlfriend because she refused to have an abortion:

"Officials say Santana repeatedly stabbed Leah Diver on Friday afternoon after the two had an argument about her pregnancy.

Santana was ordered on bail after entering a not guilty plea through his attorney in Dudley District Court. He faces charges of armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

He is slated to return to court for an initial hearing on September 28.
Diver is 28 years-old and is currently
in critical condition at a Worcester hospital. Police say her baby survived the attack."

The Boston Herald also reports on this unfortunate crime here.

Lifenews also reports that such cases are not uncommon:

"Cases like this one of partners attacking their wives or girlfriends after an abortion refusal are somewhat common.

In the most recent case Charles Daniels Jr., a 34-year-old man from Florida, stands accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend when she refused his abortion request.Alachua County deputies arrested Daniels in June on charges that he assaulted and sexually battered an unnamed 36-year-old Gainesville woman.

The Gainesville Sun newspaper says officers arrested Daniels on Saturday and that he is being held in jail pending a $70,000 bond.

The newspaper indicates the arrest warrant contends Daniels hit the woman, puts his hands around her throat and told her she would never see her children again. He had reportedly dated the woman only a week and attacked her when he learned she was pregnant with a baby who wasn't his."

Pro-legalized abortion feminists are enablers of this sort of male irresponsibility and agression insofar as they want abortion to be legal for any reason whatsoever. The whole attitude that the fetus is just a "lump of tissue" and that abortion has no negative effects on women (both of which are untrue) creates the impression that women should have abortions whenever it is convenient for men. Why not, if it is such a trivial matter? There is a lot of subtle pressure exerted even on women who will never by physically assulted to have abortions for the convenience of others. The hard truth is that legal abortion exists for the convenience of men (and society as a whole) and "choice" for pregnant women is just a cynical slogan - a marketing tool. Al Mohler has more on this here.

To really be pro-choice, one would need to be against abortion being the only choice. But do we see secular feminist groups offering counselling, a place to live, support and love to women in crisis pregnancies? No; but we do see Catholic and Evangelical Churches doing just that. Here in Durham region our Pregnancy Help Center helps women choose life every day of the week. And here is a story about how Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta has a sign outside that romises: "Peachtree Presbyterian Church will care for any newborn baby you bring to this church." Now that is empowering to women: a choice other than abortion.

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