Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leftist Jihad Unleashed on Rick Santorum

Now, you need to understand first of all that Rick Santorum is just an ordinary, Church-attending Catholic. He is no different in his beliefs, speech or actions than tens of millions of other Catholics in the demographic of weekly attenders. He is no more conservative than - oh, say roughly 100 million other American Christians. He is completely mainstream. He doesn't believe in abortion because it is the taking of a human life, he rejects artificial contraception because it separates sex from family and he believes that there is actually good and evil in the world.

But, you see, he has risen in the polls and now stands a very good chance of becoming President of the United States. So, the liberal jihad must be unleashed on him. Maureen Dowd, that lapsed-Catholic turned Catholic-hating bigot from the New York Times has a headline today "Rick Santorum's Religious Fanaticism." This is an example of liberal jihad. It is intolerance and visceral hatred of the Church, of Christ and of any deviation from the liberal fascist agenda.

If you are a serious Christian in politics you are a threat to the liberal fascist order. Chris Matthews yesterday called openly for a Franklin Graham to be blacklisted as a TV guest. This is new. Usually the blacklist is not made public. So this is a new development and portends evil days ahead. The media is all in a flap because Rick Santorum referred to Satan in a speech in 2008 at a Catholic university where everybody believes in Satan. Erick Erickson thinks it was likely a Romney camp leak to the media in an attempt to damage Santorum. By the way, if it was then if Romney wins using those tactics then he deserves merciless mocking about Morman underwear and so forth for the next nine months. And, if he gets the nomination, that is what he will get from the liberal media. It will serve him right. Live by bigotry, die by bigotry.

But the real story here is how ignorant the media is about religion. Honestly, as Sarah Palin said yesterday, didn't any of them ever go to Sunday School? Well, the problem is that none of the leftist media every did get any religious training. They have been brought up in a little secular bubble and they have very little experience of the lives of the majority of their fellow-citizens, except in crude, comic-book style caricatures.

By the way, Chris Matthews tried to make himself look balanced, rather than fascist, (nice try!) by contrasting Franklin Graham (bad) with his father Billy Graham (good). The take-away is that leftists believe that the only good conservative is a dead conservative. It is safe to pretend that you respect Billy Graham because he is not around to denounce your fascism. It is the same with Barack Obama's obscene pretense of having respect for Ronald Reagan. Obama hates with a passion every single thing Reagan stood for and cared about but he tries to pretend to be a "Reaganesque" figure. Sadly, he just comes off as a phoney and a hypocrite.

Coming back to Santorum; you knew that all this was coming. It was as predictable as the sun rising. Rick Santorum is no more scary this week than he was before he won Colorado, but now he threatens the left-wing's anointed Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. Speaking of Romney, why does the left want him to be the Republican nominee so badly? There are three reasons I can think of off the top of my head. First, they know he can't attack Obama on the main issue in Obama's record: Obamacare. So that is a relief to the Obama campaign. Second, they are just salivating about the opportunity to run against a rich guy. The dogs of Occupy are straining at the leash waiting to be released on on him. Third, Romney will depress the conservative base and that is the way Obama won the first time.

Rick Santorum is a normal, decent, family man and a believing Christian. I think he will make a wonderful president. One thing you have to give him; he has all the right enemies.

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